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Labor Pains

by Mystique | Founder of Coordinator For A Day

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Labor Pain

The pains of starting a business, planning an event or pursuing a dream are real. Sometimes it actually hurts so bad you wonder what you have gotten yourself into and you just want it to be over with. And as bad as you want to get to the end result, you can’t induce it. You can’t force it or make it come into fruition. You simply have to remain patient in your journey as the laboring process may be slow going.

I’m not a mom yet. But when I committed myself to pursuing the passion that is inside of me, I realized that I was gifting myself with the time to explore and be a tad bit selfish. I knew that before I went about the business of giving birth to an actual child, I owed it to my true self to give birth to my dreams.

It hasn’t been easy carrying around all of this extra weight. All of the ideas, the visions and the goals that I have for Coordinator For A Day became too heavy to bear. I was bursting with anxiousness. Every time I would think to myself “This is it. It’s finally about to happen for me.” It would be another false alarm. It just wasn’t time.

But as the old adage goes, anything worth having is worth enduring. During the course of this journey, I’ve endured many a sleepless night. I’ve endured the loss of a 14 year friendship. I’ve endured the small victories and the tremors of failure. And it seemed that the closer I got to the day I’d spent my whole life dreaming about, the more I wanted to turn and run in the opposite direction. Was I really ready for this huge responsibility?

The realization that those pains wouldn’t stop just because I’ve given birth hit me full force. I understood that the labor pains would soon give way to growing pains as I tried to nurture my business to its full potential. But in that moment when you are face to face with the essence of your being, the culmination of your efforts, your true life’s purpose…it’s funny how you no longer remember the pain.

Image courtesy of Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc

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