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You Are Closer Than You Think

by Mystique | Founder of Coordinator For A Day

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Often when you are close to achieving a goal or realizing a dream, things around you may begin to heat up. Obstacles and challenges appear almost out of nowhere. Ex-boyfriends come out of the woodwork. You know that sort of thing. It is so easy to give in and succumb to all of these distractions disguised as obstacles. When you have put your heart and soul and all other clichés into reaching your destiny and then you hit a brick wall; in that very moment it may seem as if this is as far as you can go.

That is exactly how I began to feel about Coordinator For A Day. This project was years in the making and every time I got close I had to overcome yet another roadblock. It was beginning to feel as if I were taking Driver’s Ed all over again. Do you know what I mean? When I first learned how to drive, the classroom version was essentially one big simulator. And so there I was “driving” and watching the screen while bicyclists weaved in and out of the road, cars ran red lights, and kids darted into the middle of the street to retrieve their rogue basketballs. All you heard throughout the classroom was the sound of students stomping on the breaks every five seconds. I would think to myself, “How are we ever going to reach our destination if we have to stop all the time?”

The truth of the matter is you and I will each reach our destination if we continue to move forward no matter how many times we need to stop along the way. We are closer to achieving our goals than we think. What appears to be far out of reach is in essence right in front of us if we keep our sights set ahead. This journey has taught me acceptance. I accept that Coordinator For A Day will always be a work in progress. It will never be “perfect”. But it will continue to grow and morph into whatever it is destined to become and that I will continue to grow and morph with it.

Image courtesy of Extra Medium via photopin cc

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