A Wedding Website’s Goal To Score Big Game Dreams

by Mystique | Founder of Coordinator For A Day

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This is more of an open letter and not one of my “Make My Day” blog posts. I wanted to take a moment to thank each person that has ever clicked on a link that I have posted, read a blog entry that I have written, visited our website, created a Day of Wedding Coordinator profile, liked us on Facebook, retweeted our tweets or voted whenever I have entered Coordinator For A Day into a small business contest. I am humbled by your participation and I am moved to share a story of why you matter so much to me – even if we don’t know each other personally.

I am a dreamer. I have incredible visions about the future of Coordinator For A Day. Sometimes I come up with these wacky ideas that often make me nuts because there are so many of them.  Like many entrepreneurs I sometimes fret about how to execute all of my big ideas with a limited budget. So needless to say when I was overcome with the urge to create a commercial for the “Big Game” I didn’t really accept the fact that I didn’t have the millions of dollars it would take to buy the ad time, much less actually produce a commercial.

I went full steam ahead and wrote the storyboard. I visualized the commercial in my head. I contacted a major network to inquire about rates and I didn’t allow myself to feel discouraged when I saw those numbers. In my mind I was creating this commercial and it would be watched and loved by millions. So what if it wasn’t a beer commercial with adorable horses or a baby giving financial advice. I was determined to expand the reach of Coordinator For A Day and what better platform than during the biggest football game of the year?

While I was contemplating building a crowdfunding account to somehow make an impassionate plea to convince 1 million people to donate $1 dollar, I received an email about a contest where the grand prize was a commercial that would air during the Big Game. True story.

I was beyond freaked out. It was as if someone had heard my every thought and was handing me the opportunity to make it happen. My heart was beating so fast inside of my chest. It was one of those “get the most votes” type of contests and I knew that our following was still a pretty intimate number. How could we compete? I figured I would just take this one step at a time.

You may be familiar with the mission of Coordinator For A Day. I have a strong desire to pay it forward and help other Day of Coordinators grow their business. As well as build a community where professional Day of Coordinators can connect and share ideas in an effort to help one another grow. This is my passion. So in essence, I wasn’t just entering this contest for me, I was also entering it for every Day of Wedding Coordinator within our network.

There was a rule that once you’ve created a profile and clicked “save” you couldn’t make any changes. I was so diligent (at least I thought so) in my proofreading that I was confident when I clicked “save” that everything was as it should be – but I was mistaken. When I viewed my public profile and clicked the link to our website it said the page did not exist. I had made a HUGE typo and forgotten the “A” in Coordinator For A Day! How could I have done that? I was so disappointed in myself for making a critical mistake. I thought that I had blown it. I really did. Of course, I posted it on Facebook and told everyone to vote. But in the back of my mind, I thought my chances were thrown out the window with the first letter of the alphabet.

But this is where the law of attraction, the favor of God and YOU come in.

I had spent the last several days brainstorming about how to make this commercial happen without the assistance of this contest, when out of the blue I received an email with the subject “Congratulations! You made it to Round 2!” I nearly fainted. When I was brave enough to actually read the email the first line said, “Thanks to all of your fans who voted, you made it.”

You voted and Coordinator For A Day made it!

It is because of you that I am one step closer to realizing a dream. It is because of you that the professional Day of Coordinators within our network may receive more visibility than I could have ever imagined (and trust me my vision for their success is huge). It is because of you that I can continue to reach out to more small wedding businesses to join our movement.

When you like us, share us, follow us, click us, or read us– even if you don’t personally know us. Even when you don’t personally know ME, Mystique, the founder of Coordinator For A Day. You’ve helped us, you’ve helped me, in more ways than I can ever express in words.

From the depth of my heart I thank you so very much. You have my promise that when we produce and air our “Big Game” commercial it will make each and every one of you proud. #TeamSmallBiz!

Have an amazing day!

Coordinator For A Day
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Image courtesy of pkingDesign via photopin cc

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