Day Of Coordinating is only about the day…


Day of Coordinating is about more than just the day. A Day of Coordinator’s goal is to create a seamless transition from your planning to their execution of your event. In order to do this successfully coordinators must become a “liaison” in your planning. They must understand the full scope of services you have contracted for your wedding or event. Day of Coordinators must have the innate capability of capturing your vision down to the most personal of details. Everything that a professional Day of Coordinator does behind the scenes prior to your wedding or event is what enables them to coordinate a day that you will always remember….

Meet Mystique, the Founder of Coordinator For A Day

Originally, I created Coordinator For A Day to provide day of wedding coordinating services in the Chicago area. I am extremely passionate about helping brides enjoy the experience of planning their own wedding without worrying about the numerous day of details. As my business grew, so did my vision. I set my sights on spreading the love nationwide. I envisioned a network of day of coordinators that I could refer clients to when I didn’t have the availability or because I didn’t service that area. I love the concept of paying it forward.

What began as a way to help promote other day of coordinators has now become a full blown mission to support small business ownership. I hope that I have created an affordable, yet effective platform for day of coordinators to build their brand. I also hope that brides-to-be, along with other event clientele, discover that was created with their needs in mind as well. Here clients can find inspiration, exchange ideas and hopefully connect with a Day of Coordinator who can execute the day of details and bring their vision to life.

Happy Planning…

Our Mission

Pay it Forward…

Launching a new business can be daunting. Getting advice from industry professionals that have been where you are trying to go can be equally tough. Coordinator For A Day’s mission is to not only share the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have attained throughout the years, but also encourage other wedding and event professionals to join us in doing the same.

Visit our Educate page for insightful webinars presented by an array of industry leaders. The goal of each webinar is to educate, enlighten and empower aspiring wedding and event coordinators as well as those seeking to plan their own wedding or event.

In addition, if you are seeking a career as a wedding and event coordinator or aspire to start your own professional wedding and event planning business, feel free to contact Mystique at Coordinator For A Day. Sometimes it helps to have a mentor who you can connect with throughout your journey.

“Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22 ESV


Become a "Super Hero" for a child in need. Partner with Mystique, founder of Coordinator For A Day, by donating $1 to help a child in foster care.