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My First Love

by Mystique | Founder of Coordinator For A Day

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First Love

Do you remember your first love? I definitely remember mine. I remember the moment we first met and how excited I would get when he would call. There wasn’t texting or Facebook status updates so that we could still feel connected even when we were apart. Instead there was teenage longing poured into pages of letters and “Dear Diary” entries. I remember thinking those feelings would last forever. But as is the case with many teenage love affairs, it didn’t last long. But once I had experienced my own version of love, I wanted to feel that spark again. And that same energy carries over into business.

Once you have discovered your passion you experience a love unlike any other.  You follow it, sometimes blindly, wherever it may lead you. You have epic battles and it sometimes breaks your heart leaving you feeling lost in your purpose until something happens that creates a spark that ignites you and then you fall in love all over again.

At the heart of it all, entrepreneurs are thrill-seekers. We pour our guts into our ideas and visions with strong convictions and no regard for the pain of possible failure or rejection. It’s hard for us to comprehend how anyone could go an entire lifetime without experiencing the spark of their passion or how others opt to play it safe in order to minimize heartbreak and disappointment.

In the business of love and the pursuit of your dreams, you owe it to yourself to be fearless. Because even if the sparkle fizzles, when you’re fueled by passion you somehow find a way to rekindle the flame.

image courtesy of •Cuentosdeunaimbecila• via photopin cc

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