Resist Temptation

by Mystique | Founder of Coordinator For A Day

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Have you ever worked so hard for something and yet in that moment you don’t really see the results of your effort? You’ve exerted all of the energy that you could muster, but the progress is slow going. How do you maintain the same drive, the same focus when you feel stuck in the same place? How easy would it be to just give in to the urge to give up?

I am currently in the midst of a fitness challenge. I’ve made a commitment to myself (which I have to remind myself daily) to make a lifestyle change. It is definitely not an easy feat for me because I’ve had a tumultuous love affair with food. I have gone full out in my quest to be my healthy best — taking advantage of my health club membership, watching what I eat, introducing supplements, etc. But trust me, there are days when I stand on the scale or try on a pair of jeans and wonder what is this all for?

I guess I was expecting dramatic results, but the reality is that my starting point didn’t happen dramatically so why the desperate need for instant gratification? Reaching my goal and sustaining it should be the ultimate push I need to keep going. However, there are moments when I can’t quite focus on the small victories that I have experienced throughout this challenge because I am too busy fighting hard to suppress the urge to have just a little bit of this or a small piece of that. The battle that rages inside my mind is epic. Do I destroy all that I have worked for thus far and give in to the powerful influence of temptation?

Short term ease or long term sustainability?

It’s the same with any goal be it fitness or business. Quite often the easiest way to get through something is to give up. It’s harder to wait it out and see it through. The success that you were hoping to experience the moment that you launched your business or the moment that you accepted that new position may not be instantaneous. But if you maintain your drive and push even harder even when you think you’ve hit a plateau, you will gain the momentum necessary to achieve those elusive results.

Image courtesy of elana’s pantry via photopin cc

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