Rules of Engagement

by Mystique | Founder of Coordinator For A Day

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Engagement Ring

You said, “Yes” and then expected endless moments of bliss thereafter. You could not have expected riffs or wrinkles in your plans. After all, saying, “Yes” was supposed to mean the hard part is over. The searching, the feelings of uncertainty and the anticipation should have ended the moment you said, “Yes” – but unfortunately it didn’t. So now what?

Whether you’re securing vendors for your wedding or contracting with service providers as a business owner, making the decision to entrust someone with your vision can be tough. But what makes it even tougher is the faux sense of calm that you feel when you think that you’ve found the right person or the right company only to later discover that your “Yes” should have been a resounding, “Oh No!”

Here are the rules to help minimize broken engagements:

Rule #1: Research. Research. Research.

Do your homework and then do someone else’s. Just because they’ve received glowing reviews on one site doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out any other. Ask to speak with actual references. See samples of their work. Do whatever you need to do in order to make an informed decision.

Rule #2: Take Your Time

Give yourself enough time to explore all of your options. There is nothing like reeking of desperation because you’ve waited until the last iota of a second to start your search. Vendors can smell the stench of desperation a mile away. At this point, you can throw away any real chance of negotiating.

Rule #3: Don’t Believe The Hype

Unfortunately some people over promise and under deliver. So be extra leery of those who try to sway you into making a decision faster than when you’re truly ready to make one. They typically operate by promising you everything but the Queen’s jewels. They are exceptionally good at building a connection with you and before you know it you’re saying, “Yes” to them when you haven’t yet received feedback from all of your other suitors.

Rule #4: Get It In Writing

If their standard proposal or contract does not outline all of the specifics that you were promised, then request that they draft an addendum, or better yet draft your own (with the guidance of legal counsel) and make it part of the agreement. This guarantees that none of the details have gotten lost in all of the sweet talk during the sales process.

Rule #5 Be Firm, But Kind

If during the course of your relationship with your vendor things aren’t going exactly the way you envisioned or as contracted, then it is perfectly acceptable to bring your concerns to their attention. If you can accomplish this without becoming a “Zilla” then you may be able to salvage what’s left of the relationship without any further damage.


Image courtesy of Jewellery Monthly via photopin cc

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