The Great Escape

by Mystique | Founder of Coordinator For A Day

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Sometimes you have to get away to take a deep breath, relax and refocus. Whether you’re working on a short-term project or a long- term goal, taking a break can help you gain the necessary perspective and give you a much needed boost of energy which will ultimately help your creativity flow. A great escape is not quitting. It’s recognizing that you’ve gone as far as you can go and making a sound decision to stop and refuel before you completely run out of gas.

When I had the idea of launching Coordinator For A Day, I think I ran on sheer passion alone. I pushed myself to limits that I wasn’t even sure I was capable of reaching all in the effort of seeing my vision come to life. Everything I did depleted a little bit of energy: from the last weddings I coordinated leading up to the launch of the site to writing all of the copy and interacting with the development team. But I was too amped to notice. I had the worst case of tunnel vision where all I could see was what could become and what I had to do to get there. I was blinded by the mission.  It wasn’t until I fully realized that I was moving forward “Yabba Dabba Doo” style (all force of will instead of feet), that I understood that it was time to slow this ride down.

It’s great to accomplish goals and it’s amazing to help others reach theirs, but it’s important to preserve yourself so that you have something left to give. I am really excited about the new initiatives that I am blessed to be a part of, the new partnerships (and old ones) and the vast ideas that spin around in this wacky mind that has been gifted to me.  But I am truly happy and beyond giddy that I took some much needed “me” time. Yes, I struggled with guilt as I made choices to watch holiday movie marathons instead of writing blog posts or playing board games with my husband instead of making the next business decision. But ultimately I am so rested, so ready and so excited to press play that I know that 2014 will be an even more amazing year, because now I not only have passion fueling me, but also a renewed since of purpose.


image courtesy of Emilio J Santacoloma via photopin cc

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